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"Secret" U-CD MACH Bryden Dream Best Kept Secret UD BN GN VER RE MXS MJG CGC ATT

Sire: "Buddy" BISS Am/Can Grand Champion BIS UKC Champion Bryden's Walk The Line ROMX

Dam: "Ashley" Bryden's Pretty Woman

Breeder: David Swartwood & Deborah Brummell

Owners/Trainers Sandy Kucaba & Tanya Kucaba

Co-Owner David Swartwood

Over the years watching top notch trainers you hope and dream that perhaps one day they would take one of your puppies and give them all the opportunities to excel. I was lucky enough to have Sandy Kucaba who I had watched in the US and American National rings time and time again excel with her dogs. She made it look so easy. So when she contacted me for a puppy I was thrilled that Secret would be in her capable hands.

Together they achieved the highest ranks in Obedience, Rally, Agility and more all this in the toughest of US competition.

Secret has been recognized by the ESSFTA National Parent Club as a Multi-Titlist 5 years in a row!

Understanding just how difficult it is to earn all these elite titles, you need to understand just what it takes to earn them. 

In the sport of Agility a MACH is the American Kennel Club's (AKC) highest agility title. MACH stands for Master Agility Champion and indicates a dog who is an Agility Champion. Once earned, the initials MACH can go before a dog's registered name. Earning the MACH is very difficult and takes dedication, accuracy and speed.

The MACH required 750 Speed Points and 20 Double Qs. Dogs can earn one speed point for every full second under standard course time, which is the maximum time allotted for a dog to complete an agility course and still "qualify" - or pass the requirements. To earn the Speed Points, the dog must run the course clean, and the dog must be fast.

A Double Q is earned when a team "qualifies" on two agility courses on the same day. These two courses must be a Standard course, which has all of the usual agility obstacles, and a Jumpers With Weaves (JWW) course, which only has the obstacles of jumps, weave poles and possibly a tunnel. In agility competitions, both the Standard and JWW classes are held on the same day, and teams that run both of these courses clean and under time—thus qualifying—earn a Double Q. To earn the MACH title, teams need 20 of these Double Qs. Not an easy task!

The MXS title is awarded to a dog who qualifies additional times in the advanced Masters Standard agility class, after earning the MX, the Silver level (MXS) requires 50 qualifying scores!

The MJG title is awarded to a dog who qualifies additional times in the advanced Masters Jumpers agility class, after earning the MXJ the Gold level (MJG) requires 75 qualifying scores!

In the sport of Obedience, once a dog has earned a CD (Companion Dog title), and a CDX (Companion Dog Excellent title), he is eligible to enter Utility Class to work towards the UD (Utility Dog) title. The UD takes jumping, retrieving, and concentrating to the highest level of training. The exercises consist of a complex series of signal exercises, scent discrimination, directed retrieve, a moving stand, and directed jumping. The dog must, again, pass all exercises with a score of 170 or above (out of a possible 200 perfect score), at three shows, under three different judges. The individual exercises contain over 52 ways to fail!

Statistically, for every 1000 dogs that begin competing for a CD, five will earn a UD.

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