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If you are looking for a future companion drop me a line at and let me know what your looking for and I will let you know where we are with future puppies planned.

Most Prelude puppies are sold prior to their birth so it's a great idea to come for a visit so we can meet you and see if your compatible with one of our future puppies and then make a match for you. If you contact us I can send you a current copy of our Puppy Contract which includes both our responsibilities and yours and what buying a puppy comes with as far as health coverage and necessary vaccinations and wormings.

We breed for the improvement of our pedigree in producing outstanding puppies with sane outgoing personalities, healthy bodies and a consistent appearance according to the breed standard.

We generally do a breeding to keep a puppy for ourselves to grow up, possibly to show and breed as they mature. This involves a lot of evaluating as the puppy grows up and means we often can't tell you exactly which puppy could be yours until they grow up, develop a personality and mature a bit physically. So patience is key in getting you the best puppy for your family.

Typical Prelude puppies at about 10 weeks.

Some of our puppies going to their new families:

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