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Gananoque Ontario 

It is early in the year to promise exactly what we will have for sale this year but check out what we have offered in the past and feel free to drop us a line to see what is coming up. I will try to post as more becomes available.



 Blue Polish:












Belgian d'Uccle Bantams- Mille Fluer

Silkies- White, Buff, Partridge 



 Blue Bantam Cochins


 Muscovy Ducks 

   We are striving to make the most beautiful Blue and Chocolate Muscovies with good growth potential and ease of care.

Chocolate and Chocolate Pied Hens

Pied Hen and some of her 13 ducklings

Pied and Solid Drakes

 Guinea Hens:

Once again we will offer Guineas who are the best natural bug eaters available.

Guineas eat ticks which can carry Lyme's Disease and affect you and your pets. They spend their day picking bugs from your lawn and garden without the destruction of the plants or soil as they don't scratch like chickens.

Very hardy and easy keepers. Have a natural "watchdog" call so can be a little noisy if you have close neighbors who are not aware of the many benefits of Guineas.

They come in a wonderful variety of colours from the natural Pearl to White, Black, Lavender, and Pieds.

 Order yours now!





Other Hatchings

Contact us for current availability

"Easter Eggers" - Americaunas. Lay beautiful blue - green eggs. 




Taking orders now for Christmas Turkeys

We are always hearing that these farm raised free range turkeys are the best people have ever had. Orders your today.

Weights range from 12-25 lbs and are -$3.50 lb.

We also have fresh lamb and duck available but limited supply.

Contact me at

or call 613-382-1123


 Purebred Border Leicester Lambs

 Great growth rate and exceptional mothers. Ram Lambs $200 Ewe Lambs $300