"Keltie"  Bryden's Magic Trick CGN, RN, RI, RA, JTS, SDIN, SDN, SDO, CRN-MCL, CRA-MCL, CRX-MCL, CRB, CRS, CRNT, CRAT, SD-S(SP), SD-A(SP), ADC, SGDC, JLL1 novice, JLL11 novice

Sire: BIS A/C Gr. Ch. Bryden's Magic Mike

Dam: Ch. Bryden's Jackie O

Owners - Trainers Dr. Jennifer Weeks-Llera DVM and Dr. Ryan Llera DVM

Co-owner Breeder David Swartwood

Once again, the right dog with the right owner both possessing the will and determination to tackle anything they set their minds to and having so much fun along the way. Even through Covid they are managing to add to their already impressive set of titles. Everything from Rally, Agility, Scent Detection, and so much more. I could not be more proud of their accomplishments.